Oxford First United Methodist Church
Wednesday, July 26, 2017
The Church With A Warm Heart
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Church History


     The date of the organization of the Oxford Methodist Church is uncertain, but it is believed that a building was erected around 1840.  This first building was made of hand-cut weather boarding; there were not windows - only shutters.  Candles were used for lighting.

     This crude structure was used until 1872 when the present building was begun.  The Panic of 1872 caused a delay in the construction, and the building was not completed until 1875.  During the construction years, the Methodist congregation worshipped with the Presbyterians. 

     The interior of the main sanctuary has been changed twice.  In the beginning the pulpit was at the south end of the sanctuary, then it was reversed.  During the 1960's it was changed back to its present state and the floor was leveled rather than inclined toward the pulpit.  In 2013, television viewing screens were added to the sanctuary.

     Some special features of the sanctuary include the tower bell manufactured by the McNeely Co.; the pulpit made of solid walnut, built by Elbert Green Morris; the rose-colored windows; the stained glass portrait of "Christ in Gethsemane" above the choir loft; and the pipe organ purchased in honor of former member H. T. Stanford.  Handbells were purchased in 2003 and a baby grand piano was acquired in 2005. 

     The Tommy Moore Memorial Center was completed in August 1986 and is used as a Family Life Center.  We celebrated the church's 130-year reunion in 2005.


     The church has a great history, with many fond memories for its members and a valued place in the community of Oxford.  A wide range of activities are available to all age groups and interests.  Our doors are always open, and anyone who wishes to join us is welcome.