What to expect

Guests are always warmly welcomed at Oxford First. Our new guest services team is going all out to make sure you have a positive worship experience the first time. We’ll introduce you to folks, show you around, and help you find a comfortable seat in our beautiful worship space.

Worship is more on the traditional side, with old hymns and modern songs. The atmosphere is casual and warm. And when we “pass the peace” it can get noisy. There is time for singing, the creed, prayers of the people, choir presentation, and a sermon by the Pastor.

Holy Communion

On the first Sunday of the month is Holy Communion, and the service is a bit more formal and reverent. Pastor and choir vest in robes and we gather at the communion rail to receive real presence of Jesus Christ.

We view Holy Communion as a sacrament that reminds us of the mystery that Jesus gave himself for us. It is also a means of grace where God does something in us when we receive. Because it is a means of grace our table is open to everyone regardless of church affiliation. Even children are welcome because in time they come to understand, through the means of grace, the Jesus died for them too.

Follow along with YouVersion Bible app

Pastor David uploads his sermon notes each week to the YouVersion Bible app, available for iPhone and Android. Download the app to your device. When you log on, choose “More” at the bottom right, and then events. That will take you a listing of YouVersion events at churches nearby. Choose “Oxford First UMC” and that will take you to the event that is live for the day. The event is usually live for a week, but you may save it for future reference. You can also share and make personal notes. If you are away from Oxford you may still find us. In the search bar enter “Oxford, AL” and it will take you to the choices in Oxford.