Oxford First United Methodist Church, 216 Snow Street, Oxford, Alabama 36203

Let There Be Light!

Let There Be Light!

If you haven’t been in Oxford First’s fellowship hall (we call it the TMMC) lately you may find it brighter than before. That’s because the Trustees are taking down old, outdated mercury lights and replacing them with powerful LEDs. That in itself is not especially noteworthy, but the story behind it is.

The Trustees have talked for years, received estimates for years, and never came to the place where they felt comfortable following through. Those lights are very expensive. Then at one meeting this summer the subject came up again, with the usual “we don’t have enough money.” Pastor David Allison challenged them. “Buy one. If you can’t buy them all then move forward with the project and buy one. Then buy another one.” Trustees decided they could spring for two, and they were purchased and installed.

The rest of the story is that one Sunday Pastor Allison related that story while challenging the congregation to move forward in faith, taking the steps you can toward a goal. One of the worship attenders, Mrs. Betty Sims, was inspired by that challenge.

Not long after that Mrs. Sims husband, Nolen, died. She requested that in lieu of flowers that gifts be given in his memory to purchase lights for the TMMC. Many gave to the fund in Nolen Sims’ memory not even knowing the whole story. The fund grew quickly.

Recently the Trustees looked into the latest price on the lights with a mind to buy two more, only to discover they were on sale and with only a few hundred dollars more they’d have enough to finish the room. Four more state-of-the-art motion-sensing lights are being purchased and will be installed soon.

“It goes to show what you can accomplish if you are willing to make the first step forward,” Pastor Allison said. “I thank Betty for giving us the challenge to move forward on a much needed lighting project for our church.”