Delaney’s Desk

Hey church!

I pray that you had a wonderful Father’s Day either spending time with your dad, reflecting on sweet memories with your dad, or spending time in prayer with your Heavenly Father. We are so blessed that no matter what our situation is here on earth with our parents, we have a perfect parent in God who loves us unconditionally. I hope that gives you peace and comfort today in whatever situation you find yourself in.

We had a great Sunday this week when our soon to be new District Superintendent, Rev. Vicki Cater, visited us! As a part of our sermon series, “This Is My Story,” Rev. Vicki shared with us her testimony full of stories of God moving in her life. Something that resonated with me was when she shared that after her divorce she did not want to get married again. A new relationship was absolutely not in her plans! But then, God placed a wonderful and loving man on her path and she knew that he was a part of God’s plan. I have a similar story in which I never saw myself getting married until God clearly put my husband in my path. God worked through Dylan in ways I never even knew I needed. God healed many broken parts of my heart, taught me that it was okay to depend on someone else, and taught me that there really were good men in this world.

God’s plans for our lives are always better than our own plans. This is because we have a limited understanding of the world and often have a limited understanding of ourselves and what is best for ourselves. Yet, God knows us deeply and intimately. God knows us even better than we know ourselves! Therefore, if we can simply get out of our own way and trust that God knows better… we will open ourselves up to so many amazing opportunities. I don’t ever want to miss out on something God has for me because I was holding on too tightly to my own plans. My prayer for you today is that you would learn how to let go– let go of your control, worries, and plans. It’s a cliche statement, but it’s also a good one– “Let go and let God.”

Blessings, Pastor Delaney