Thank you once again Aubree, Eli and James for being my top winners and leaders last week. We didn’t exactly have a packed house due to vacations being out of town, etc., but we were able to get through our game successfully with the meaning in all minds. The subject of our lesson this week was New Ears to Hear the Good News. We discussed a lot about the early church and how it could not grow unless apostles started sharing Jesus. In acts 8:36–38 the story is about evangelism and the need we have  to share the good news of Jesus.

We talked about the story of Philip and the need to share God’s good news to everyone around. Now we all know that there are people who are very outgoing and then there are very shy people. We decided the best thing to do with the first start in your home where you are most comfortable, talking about faith and then going around to share with neighbors and friends.

Philip was a convert to Judaism of a God fearer who was a gentile worshiping God, but had not converted. When Philip approached the carriage, he hears the eunuch reading from the prophet Isaiah. The Lord said to him who keep will keep my Sabbath, choose what I desire, and remain loyal to my covenant, I will give them a monument and a name better than sons and daughters.  I will give them an enduring name that won’t be removed. The story ends with Philip being taken by the spirit and appearing in a town further north and the eunuch returns to his homeland.

Sometimes teenagers have a hard time talking about Jesus to their friends. The easiest way is to begin talking to your parents or other people in your home. This way you feel a little more comfortable sharing the good news. You might even get in a circle with several friends and try talking to them about Jesus. I gave an example of someone that I shared Jesus with. I didn’t know either her child or her name,  but the situation allowed it to come alive, and I took the initiative. Toward the close of our session our friend Chuck, who had visited us couple weeks ago, came and sat down and shared refreshment, and also discussed sharing the gospel of Jesus. We did not get to play our game entitled SQUIGGLE line tag because we did not have a full house. I did not share the reason for the game because I wanted them to understand the concept of the line tag. But that’ll give us something to look forward to next week.